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Stealthy Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

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The best solution for EDC when you need a concealed backup!
  • Won't slip
  • Fits Men and Women
  • Both upper and lower adjustable straps keep the holster firmly on your leg,
  • The double layered holster protects your ankle from pressure points.
  • The additional pad and thick foam innards can effectively protect your calf and ankle.The button snap replace the velcro of retention strap.
  • Right or left draw: One holster for both left and right leg use, also left and right hand use.
  • Spare Magazine Pouch: Extra magazine pouch, knife or non-lethal defense.
  • FITS MOST GUNS- Compatible with Glock 19 26 36 42 43, S&W Bodyguard M&P Shield, Taturs,Springfield XDS,Ruger LCP LC9 LCR,Sig Sauer P938 P238